Q&A with Matthew

Matt “Matthias Tylerious” is the Marketing Assistant at Creative 7 Designs. He has many different responsibilities that each require different skillsets so he feels like the multifaceted nature of his job suits him perfectly! Matt’s motto is: “Never rely on your future self.” Matt has been playing piano since he was 7 and has picked up many other instruments along the way so when he’s not working, you can catch him creating music (Hey, Shane…we’ve got something for you to dance to). Check out more about Matt below:

Karma Police - Radiohead.

I honestly can’t remember the last time I had a hot beverage.


In middle school, I agreed to babysit my friend’s ball python for four days after his mom found out he was secretly keeping a snake in his closet. He was going to spend the week finding the snake a more permanent home. I had that snake for three years before eventually taking it upon myself to give it away to someone who actually wanted a snake.

Clive Staples Lewis.


The ability to turn my metabolism on or off at will, so I can eat only when I want to, or be fine without food for days.

Matthew was a disciple of Jesus so yes.

The urge to pee.

I feel weird if I’ve stepped on a crack in the sidewalk with my left foot too many times in a row.

Seeking Truth by Matthew Tyler.

Navy blue. I am steady, trustworthy, and subtle.

Experience zero gravity, crowd surf, do a triple backflip into water.

Don Dinner from high school, CTE teacher. He wasn’t part of the system, and instead created programs where students could grow and learn in their own way. He sparked a passion for creative problem solving, and showed me that there is always a path from an idea to final execution.

A Red Bull action sports athlete, either in mountain biking or parkour.

Overthinker, goof-ball, insightful.

It would depend on if I get to come back to present day or not. If no, then past so I can live in a time period where I actually belong. If yes, then future so I can go and learn what the world will be like, then come back and bet on sports games.

As a man who lived a life of faith and obedience to God.

I am a musician, I’ve been playing piano since I was 7 and have picked up many other instruments along the way.

I take photos and use them to make graphics like what you see on billboards, posters, and online.