Q&A with Abdul

Abdul “Coding Ninja” Malik (referred by the mononym Malik) is the WordPress Developer at Creative 7 Designs. Out of everything he enjoys about his position, the people he works with and being granted autonomy-inspired innovation are the most enjoyable aspects. His motto to live by when working is: Do what is right, not what is easy. We agree, Malik! Outside of work, you could find Malik gardening or shooting stuff (he holds a third position in the National Cadet Corps for shooting and is open for a challenge). He might even shoot a garden…with neem oil…to keep the pests away. Talk about productivity! Check out more from Malik below:

I Want it That Way. (Backstreet Boys)




With my late father.


Healing. When you are old, pretty much everything hurts your back

Servant of the King (refers to ALLAH almighty).


Fear of Heights.

Perks of Being Stupid.

White, it belongs to purity.

Perform Hajj, Quit Smoking and Learn Swimming.

Israr Ahmed, he taught me how to be a better person.


Generous, Down to Earth, Easy Going.

Future, I am more curious about what will happen than what has happened.

With a good laugh! or two, or three or more.


I help people to communicate their message in attractive way.