Q&A with Chloe

Chloe “Barefoot Designer” Tyler is the Graphic Designer at Creative 7 Designs and specifically enjoys working on logo designs. Her favorite part of her job is when she puts in her headphones and focuses on creating something from scratch that will impact the client and their brand for the better. Her work ethic is defined by the quote: “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.” Did you know Chloe plays acoustic guitar and can do a backflip? If you see her at a guitar store, she might do a backflip for ya’! Read more cool stuff about Chloe below:


Any kind of Herbal Tea.

I honestly thought myself indifferent until required to answer, considering blue stirs the most emotional responses from me. Yellow sparks joy.

An invisible one. I’ve never had a pet — sad times.

UHHH Jesus for sure. I have so many questions.

Scooby Doo, hands down.

Telekineses, obviously. The most amount of powers in one power.

Apparently my name means “blooming” or “fertility” in the Greek. In Greek, it also refers to the young, green foliage, or shoots of plants in spring. I have never looked up the meaning of my name until now and wow, yes, I wold say this suits me down to the ground. I love nature and hiking and solitude. Spring is honestly my favorite season of all, so this name is quite fitting.

Someone pulling the sheets off my bed so I am tortured by the arctic tundra of my room. Or just knowing watercolors exist in the world.

Spiders. I know it’s irrational, but you can just tell they’re evil. Although I have found if I personify them, they become less scary in my head. Also, I HATE closely packed holes. It’s a real fear and it’s called, Trypophobia. Look it up and be prepared for your skin to CRAWL.

I don’t know but let me look it up

I would be blue because it’s just so adaptable. The colour blue says something totally different when its dark and deep rather than when it’s light and bright. The ocean and sky cover the majority of our world and are the colour blue for a reason, I think. (I say all of this out of reverence for the colour blue and not because I think of myself this way).

Learn to play an instrument. That’s about it. I don’t really spend a lot of time thinking about what I could be doing.

My favorite teacher was Anthony Acock because he wanted to teach the students and not just give out grades. He cared about us as individuals and our dreams and aspirations, and you could tell. He never sugar coated ANYTHING and was a total goofball. Best teacher, ever. of my life

A marine biologist. (I think I just liked that I could startle adults at the age of 5 by being able to articulate that)

Individualist. Joyful. Sarcastic.

The future because who knows what they’re going to invent. Also I would just want to tell everyone what they’re in for, ya know.

I don’t.

When I have the urge to do so, I tend to go into a random handstand wherever I am. I also love to kind of spontaneously go upside down on chairs, hammocks, beds, etc. It’s quite fun.

I use a computer to paint and draw cool things for other people.