Q&A with Funmi

Funmi “Baby Fums” Kale is the Marketing Director at Creative 7 Designs. She enjoys the independence she has when working with clients to help them build a customer-centric brand. She also likes that her position allows her to wear an array of hats—fedora, beret, cowboy, bucket. You name it, she wears it! Her motto, “Make the most out of what you got,” is probably why she doesn’t have a boring day at work. When she isn’t working, Funmi likes to play tennis and appreciates the art of interior design. She might design a tennis-themed room for herself in the future, equipped with racket art and pillows that look like oversized tennis balls. Read more about Funmi below:

TLC – waterfalls

Tea, almond milk & honey; Simple and sweet.

If happiness was a color

My cat Jackson, he was very weird. Lol

My late grandfather on my dad’s side. My dad always speaks so highly of him, id love for us to get to know each other.


The power to heal

“God gave us Joy”. I think it suits me. My friends and family find me a joy to be around… so I’ve been told.

Well, besides the beautiful sunrise, the chance to add value to someone’s life in any way. I’m one who loves to beat my own personal records, so being able to wake up, challenge myself and see the positive impact it has on people is extremely gratifying.

Rollercoasters! “Kiddie rides” for the win!

You tell me.

Ocean Blue because I’m calm for the most part but also have the ability to create waves. Lol, the good kind.

Hot air balloon ride, learn how to ariel dance, travel!!!

My History teacher Mr. Desia. He was the right balance of fun and discipline. He truly loved his job and his students.

Teacher. I remember when I was younger being so heavily impacted by some of my elementary school teachers. Other than a child’s parents their teachers make a strong impact. I wanted to be able to be that positive impact.

Funny. Thoughtful. Island.

Probably the past, with all my current knowledge I’d hopefully be able to correct some historical mistakes, in turn creating a better future.

As a woman who lived in her purpose!

I think family time is the best past and present time!

I connect people with one another in a creative way.