Q&A with Hassan

Hassan Rasheed “Tarar” is one of the Web Developers at Creative 7 Designs. His favorite part of his job? Being able to do his work from my home (we agree, Hassan). A quote that Hassan lives by is: “Either you run the day or the day runs you.” Did you know Hassan is a great CoD player? Feel free to challenge him to a game! Find out more about Hassan’s interests below:

Dil Dil Pakistan.

Tea (helps me not being so tedious).

Sickness (doesn’t appeal me much).

Babe Chicken (It had my heart).

“Allama Iqbal” widely known was a poet, philosopher and politician.

Cartoons which were named as dragon tales. I was highly Impressed by Its song.

Invisibility to perceive others.

Handsome, Yes it suit me.

Jogging (for the fear of being chunky).

The Fear of Lizards.

Emm can’t give it a single title. It’s multitudinous.

Blue, Trustworthy, loyalty, and Intelligence.

See one game at Santiago Bernabeu Stadium , zest of being a triumphant and to travel the world.

Nabeel Sabir, best programming teacher in my University.

Business Owner.

Honest, Respectful, Friendly.

Future, to make things better.

To be known as a virtuous and a person with high moral standards. Emm will It be enough ?

Yeah , I really enjoy when I watch any random football match. (That’s one of my hobbies).

Make Cartoons lol.