Social Media Integration Improves SEO

Integrating social media accounts into your website allows your customers easy access to the more human side of you while also increasing your search engine optimization. Social Media Integration is as simple as finding the appropriate platforms for your business type, creating accounts, and then placing opportunities for your visitors to quickly link or share information between your website and social media. When you post to your accounts, Google sees this movement in a similar way as blogging and ranks your site higher than comparable websites not integrated with their social media. However, consistency is critical for this boost in ranking to happen.

Social Media Integration Improves Organic Traffic

If you sell online or have products to show, this seamless connection has the increased value of offering your customers the ability to share or save your products to their boards/walls, or with their friends.

Having this integration with your website and social media is dynamically important to your online visibility and essential to the overall success of your marketing endeavors. We are happy to help on both sides of the equation. Creative 7 Designs can set up your website and social media accounts as well as aid or take over your marketing campaigns entirely. Check out some of our marketing work all created specifically for each client represented, and browse our social media marketing plans.