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Confident in a competent, resulting producing marketing campaign. Customized for you and your business.

We Call it MarketingYou Because Our Marketing Services are Always About You

MarketingYou is a creation of our own. It is a proprietary, effective marketing solution that we customize for every business or individual. With over 10 years of experience maintaining and fine-tuning marketing plans for 100’s of our clients, we are confident we can come up with a competent, results-producing marketing campaign for you and your business. We call it MarketingYou because we firmly believe that every single company has different marketing needs and there is no one size fits all approach to an effective marketing plan.

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Our Marketing Plans are Customizable

We have a wide range of marketing plans in addition to the 6 monthly marketing plans presented below. These serve as a baseline, but after you select your desired growth or awareness level, we customize each plan to your specific company to maximize efficacy. If you’re not sure what marketing can do for your business but are interested, fill out the short analysis request below, and we will get in contact with you about MarketingYou.

MarketingYou Services
MarketingYou – Marketing Services

Location Marketing

Local Listing Services are an essential tool to have in your marketing plan. Because of recent changes to Google’s algorithm, your location and online listings are increasingly one of the most critical aspects of your marketing plan. In our Location Marketing Services, we use this focus to your favor by adding your business to over 65 mainstream, online directory listings sites.

MarketingYou – Marketing Services

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the most productive marketing methods with the ability to collect and market your product, services or ideas to those who are interested. Creative 7 Designs provides the very best in email marketing services, planning, design, and delivery. Low cost and offering high returns, Email Marketing is an excellent marketing tool to add to your bag of tricks.


Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a lot more than simply posting online. Each social media platform has pros and cons related to its use and not every social media type is appropriate for each business. We customize our social media marketing plans for our customers, taking into consideration their Business Type, Target Audience, Marketing Budget, and Goals.

MarketingYou – Marketing Services

Print Media Marketing

Far from being dead, print media marketing plays an important part in any long-term marketing plan. With the over saturation of digital marketing, many people are looking for something they can hold. This makes print materials an essential part of your successful businesses marketing plan.

MarketingYou – Marketing Services

Advertising Campaign Management

There are countless ways to advertise your business, both online and offline. Online Advertising channels for your company include Google Adwords, Facebook Advertising, Yelp, LinkedIn Business, and Craigslist to name a few. We understand that advertising online can be confusing and frustrating, with so many different mediums available and the added challenge of knowing where to put your money to produce the best results. That’s why we offer online advertising solutions and keep a certified Google AdWords specialist on our team; so you can get the most for your money while experiencing a painless advertising campaign. We can create a customized advertising plan for almost any budget, as well as aid in the content/graphics creation, and oversee the management.

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