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Speed up WordPress

Why Your Website is Slow and How to Speed up WordPress Sites

As consumers, we demand the quickest results from the provider with the most stars. And with Google, accessible at any moment from our smartphones, we can have just that! It has allowed us access to a world of knowledge and a myriad of options all within seconds. And it has raised our expectations of websites […]

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Prepare Your Business

5 Ways to Prepare Your Business For 2020

As 2019 comes to an end, the roaring 20s are well within sight. And as we quickly approach this new decade, let’s take a moment of gratitude for the years past with hope for the road ahead! After all, New Year’s presents the ideal opportunity for reflection and refinement. This is our time to pause, […]

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Logotypes, Logo Marks, And All Things Logos

Logos are a concise representation of a brand. Piecing together a meaningful message of identity and values, they become the face of a company. And at their best, they encourage brand recognition and ultimately serve to grow a business. But getting there takes some work. It requires a sense of identity, some logo know-how, and […]

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Event Marketing for Non-Profits

Event Marketing for Non-Profits:

There are a few things to consider for the marketing of your next event or fundraiser. And though you’ve landed the perfect venue and hired the best vendors, all your planning will be wasted if your event is not well announced. So, be sure that potential guests are properly invited! In consideration of your marketing, […]

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california fall

How to Celebrate a California Fall

Southern California. It’s quite the icon. An emblem of sunshine and ode to the beach bum. It’s where it never rains, where to get your best tan, and where the superstars flock. As a Colorado native, I imagined California as it’s portrayed in the movies or one of its anthems. I pictured coastal highways, palm […]

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Color can dictate our emotions, influence productivity, and even encourage certain actions. Learned from a young age, ROYGBIV has claimed a powerful stake in our human experience.

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work with friend

How to Work With Your Friends No Matter What

One of the best things about working for Creative 7 Designs is our amazing team. Each member is genuinely kind, thoughtful, and always up for an Augie’s coffee run. And I’m convinced there are no better people with whom to spend the 9 to 5. Basically, while we write and design and answer phone calls, we […]

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