Marketing to Gen Z

A Guide to Marketing to Gen Z the Right Way

For some marketers, marketing to Generation Z is a daunting task – a mystery that resists attempts to unravel the truths lying beneath the surface. For the past few decades, we’ve been focused on targeting millennials; we’ve almost forgotten about a whole new generation waiting for its turn to buy their desired products from brands.

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8 Proven Tips to Recession-Proof Your Business in 2022

 Overview: Learn recession-proof tips for your business to stand out in the market and negate the fluctuating  industry With a lot of doom and gloom in the headlines, economists are pointing toward a looming recession that a variety of factors may cause. The covid-19 pandemic situation sparked a surge among Americans to start their own […]

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Social Marketing

Do People Still Do Social Marketing?

What is social marketing, and do people still do it with limited budgets or resources? We all want to make a change in the world (we know the fear of oblivion somehow frightens each one of us to the core even if we don’t say it).

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How Marketing Was Done Before Technology & Social Media

These days we have emails, text messages, sponsors, banner ads, and more. It’s literally become easy to receive information at the tip of our fingers thanks to technology. All it takes is one click, and we’ve got ourselves anything and everything we need to live. So, how’d they do it?

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