Q&A with Joseph

Joseph is the CEO and head honcho at Creative 7 Designs. He has been the marketing master for 15 years and started C7D from the ground up. Through a lot of hard work and sacrifice, C7D grew from his home office to now housing nine employees. When not at work you can find Joe working on his home, playing with his two beautiful children and spending time with his wife. We asked him to answer a few Questions so you could get to know him, here are his answers:

This is super hard for me. I grew up in the 90s, loved a lot of songs from various Christian artists. One that comes to mind was the DC talk album Jesus Freak, the song “In the Light”. 

 I don’t like hot beverages that much really. Iced Organic Swiss Water Processed Decaf Latte with Almond milk and at least one, sometimes two raw sugars shaken in. 

Time to slow down? 

PETs, where to start. I’ll go with my Pink Toed Tarantula on this one. Revision: I had a pet flying squirrel that I raised from a baby that fell out of a nest, it loved me had it for about 5-6 years. I kept trying to release it but it kept coming back in the house. I also had an American Robin that I raised from a baby, but “Meep” got eaten by a hawk, sad story, I can’t talk about it. 

Moses, he literally saw God. 

TV show? Was to busy building forts and traps in the forest.

The Force of course. Probably the dark side. 

Joseph: God Shall Prosper Daniel: God is my Judge. I believe it does.

My alarm, at 4am. Duh! On a more serious, in-depth note I would say my love for life, health, and family. Everyday is a gift, if we are able to get up we should. 

I don't have any irrational fears. Is that irrational?

I have no idea.

Grey I suppose, because I like balance, regularity, I am a creature of habit. So its right in the middle of black and white. Maybe I am boring? I don’t know. I am a Grey Jedi to be sure.

Sit on a beach in Hawaii sipping one of those umbrella drinks, moving to another state and getting a farm kind of place and I’d like to meet a few longtime friends from other countries that I have known online

I was homeschooled, so does this mean I should say my mom? If I had to look at my favorite teacher or mentor right now I would say Mark Brownton. 


Consistent, Reliable, Leader

From a purely human standpoint I’d love to go to the year 3000 and see if we have nailed space travel down, USS Enterprise status, so I could travel the stars. 

Funny I never thought about this, at first I thought, I really don’t care about how people remember me. If I were to be remembered I would like to be remembered as someone who people relied on, trusted and saw an example of Christ in. 

I like birdwatching a great deal. I suppose that is random. 

UUUhhhhh I work on the computer and meet lots of cool people for a living. I also moonlight as one of those guys you see in the firetrucks weeewooo weeewooo weeewooo honk honk honk and so on.