making your mark

Making Your Mark and Leaving a Legacy

Everyone wants to leave a legacy. We all want to make an impact on the world around us, change something for the better, and be seen. The problem is, there isn’t a formula for how much work you have to put in before you have a legacy. You just live and do and as you’re […]

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Values of Creative 7 Designs

Our Values

Creative 7 Designs started as a one-person show. Joseph Kibler was working extra hours each day to get the business up and off the ground.

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Jess' Oxford Comma

Jess’ Oxford Comma

I wouldn’t say that I’m a grammar nazi. In fact, my first drafts usually look like the ramblings of someone with an elementary understanding of

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Crushing on Design

Crushing On Design

We all have those people we aspire to be like, the people that inspire and challenge us, who are incredible at what they do and

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