Marketing to Gen Z

A Guide to Marketing to Gen Z the Right Way

Overview: Marketing to Gen Z isn’t intimidating if you’re doing it right. Times are changing, so let’s get into the race!

For some marketers, marketing to Generation Z is a daunting task – a mystery that resists attempts to unravel the truths lying beneath the surface. For the past few decades, we’ve been focused on targeting millennials; we’ve almost forgotten about a whole new generation waiting for its turn to buy their desired products from brands. More specifically, Gen Z is today’s teenagers and those in their early 20s – meaning that the oldest of them have started graduating college.

For businesses, this is a plus point! We can learn how the generation after millennials enter the workforce and pursue careers. As their earning power increases, so will their spending habits, which means they’re in a position to build lasting relationships with brands. So regardless of what your niche is, Generation Z represents sustainable business growth.

Understand Who Gen Z are:

Although this goes without saying, it’s essential that you understand it well. Gen Z is generally defined as the generation born between 1995 and 2012 – an era in which new technologies sprouted and advanced at an incredible rate. Everything they need is now at their fingertips. The stats suggest that Gen Z are less focused than their predecessors – what distinguishes them is their excellent multitasking skills. They jump and switch between things to complete whichever task is on their mind at the moment.

When it comes to making purchases, they expect the brand to respect their loyalty and reward them – if not in the form of coupons, then appreciation. Gen Z is quick to change its allegiance if a brand doesn’t match its expectations. They care about the future, are ambitious, and are conscious of their impact on everything – from the environment to the economic climate to putting back the jigsaw puzzles in front of them!

Members of Gen Z are compassionate and thoughtful – well aware of how the future and its outcome is up to them, so they’re conscious of the ethical issues, including wildlife care. When they choose which brands to buy from, 55 percent of them usually go for eco-friendly products. This doesn’t apply only to digital transactions but also the in-store approach.

Create Content – Not Advertisements:

Gen Z is savvy and understands when you’re trying to sell them something directly – they like to consume content on their terms and decide for themselves. Moreover, they’re always willing to spend a little more than millennials do, so they weight their options multiple times before finalizing their decision. This may be related to Gen Z’s love of influencers and influencer marketing. They like feeling like they’re being talked to by a peer when it comes to product placements.

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Produce Eye-Catching Visual Content:

When it comes to social media, 80% of Gen Z prefer Instagram and YouTube as their preferred forums. While they used to like watching videos endorsing their favorite brands, short clips and “reels” have taken over the world. So when making eye-catching visual content, ensure that you’re strategically developing bite-sized content – not just to quench the viewer’s thirst for entertainment but also to share your message effectively!

Short-form videos with stunning visual effects and smoothly aligned music have proven gold for marketers, influencers, and brands alike. Look no further than the shady advertisement of TikTok – the influencers there are running marketing campaigns and promotions so effectively that only a close look at such strategies reveals that they are, in fact, marketing.

In a world of lively apps, filters, and glamour, anything static or boring won’t stand a chance.

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Promote Entrepreneurial Values:

The generation after millennials is growing up in the recession – witnessing the collapsed economic status and their parents losing jobs. They make no assumptions about securing a job without effort. Jacob Morgan, author of The Future of Work, states, “Job security is a complete myth, as is long-term employment. Companies lay off employees in droves… by the thousands! They just make sweeping cuts when they need to. The average employee tenure is under five years, and for millennials, it’s under three years.” Source.

Unsurprisingly, most Gen Zs like to make job security decisions for themselves and want to take matters into their own hands. Gen Z is acutely aware of online knowledge–proving them to be adept researchers and self-educators. With all this learning available at a finger’s length, we’re not surprised to see young people with big aspirations and passionate intentions to start their own business one day.

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Build Relationship with Influencers:

Many marketing executives have long love-hate relationships with influencers – but stats show how 16% of Gen Z men and 24% of women take purchasing advice from influencers. Watching influencers try and test products live, Gen Z develops familiarity with those products that can increase revenues.

Brands will often give a discount code/coupon to influencers that they can share with their followers. With even a slight discount, their revenues shoot up, and business grows!

However, building a relationship doesn’t mean providing them with a strict script and asking them to add some promotional graphics. It’ll turn out bland, and the viewers will not look twice there. Instead, integrate your brand with theirs – ask yourself how dynamically your brand can be a narrative in their community.

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If you aren’t paying attention to social media platforms to generate revenues, you’re missing out on potential business. The best way to drive Gen Z to your business is by showing them the value of your product.

Social media is a great way to connect with them – when it’s used right, it’s the best tool to boost your sales. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, feel free to reach out to our excellent team with diverse skill sets to help take up your marketing burden.

In Summary:

Gen Z need not be a problematic generation to target – but they indeed have some motives that need to be understood. The key to connecting with them is to understand the way they use social media platforms – and for that, you’ll need to step into their shoes with reels integrating eye-catching graphics and background music. Provide value to them so they find you worthy of following in the long run – just like Creative 7 Designs does!