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Behind the Scenes: Naughty Business Habits Exposed

Overview: We want to find out who’s naughty and nice! So we’re taking a peek behind closed office doors and inside cubicles at businesses and workplaces. This is our roundup of workplace habits that earn people a spot on our “naughty” list.  Read on to see who made the cut!

Just like Santa Claus, at this time of year we start thinking about who’s been naughty and nice. In the competitive world of business, success often depends on a combination of talent, strategy, and a dash of innovation. However, not all business practices are above-board, and some companies and individuals engage in what can only be described as “naughty” habits.

Today, we’re pulling back the curtain on some of the naughtiest practices that businesses and individuals engage in behind closed doors.

So get ready to dive into the thrilling world of “Naughty Business Habits Exposed!”

Sneaky Snack Stashes

Ever wonder why your colleague always seems to have an endless supply of chocolate bars and snacks? Well, some people have a habit of indulging their sweet tooth at work.

Obviously, everyone is allowed to make their own choices when it comes to snack time — but when employees (or managers!) start filling their pockets from the office candy bowl or pilfering potato chips from their co-workers, that’s when they’ve taken things too far.

Keep an eye out for fellow team members experiencing a sugar rush during your next team meeting!

Inbox Escape Tactics

You may assume your boss is diligently responding to all emails, but little do you know they might be secretly perfecting their ninja skills with their inbox! From clever filters to an endless series of automatic responses, some business professionals have mastered the art of email evasion.

That’s all well and good when it comes to non-urgent emails. After all, we all love escaping to the magical land of “inbox zero!” But if you fail to address important emails for too long, you could miss out on opportunities, or end up with exasperated clients, or fail to solve a crucial problem in a timely manner! That’s why it’s better to pay attention to your inbox — even if it’s sometimes annoying!

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Excessive  Desk Doodles 

Ever wondered what your coworkers are really doing when they’re concentrating hard on scribbling away in those notebooks during seemingly endless meetings? Spoiler alert: it’s not always meeting notes!

In the margins of meeting agendas and on the backs of old reports, a silent revolution is taking place. Turns out, many employees are channeling their inner Picasso during meetings, turning mundane documents into masterpieces. From intricate geometric patterns to whimsical caricatures of colleagues, these desk doodles are more than just idle sketches—they’re windows into the creative minds of the workforce.

There’s nothing wrong with the occasional doodling session. It’s a good way to stay alert and keep your mind engaged. But when it interferes with other tasks — preventing you from following a presentation or causing you to lose track of what a client on a call is telling you — that’s when it becomes a problem.

Doodling is fine in the right time and place. In fact, you might want to frame some of your colleagues’ greatest doodles and display them in your office! But make sure you don’t go overboard with doodling sessions.  

Emoji Overload in Emails 

The way we communicate at work has evolved a lot in recent years. As we all continue to be influenced by social media and text messaging, business emails are generally less formal than they used to be. And that’s fine! A little casual friendliness can make work emails more interesting.

But some employees just can’t resist the urge to sprinkle their emails with an abundance of emojis. From the classic smiley face to the notorious party popper, these keyboard wizards are turning the corporate inbox into an emoji quagmire.

Just remember, a well-placed wink can go a long way. Also, keep in mind who you’re sending those emails to, and what your relationship to them is. A “cool” sunglasses face might be perfectly okay when you’re making a joke in an email to a co-worker — but it might be considered unprofressional by a high-profile client!

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Coffee Runs Turned Stealth Missions 

Picture this: the office coffee machine is on the fritz, and the caffeine cravings are real. What do resourceful employees do? They turn coffee runs into stealth missions! Sneaking out with a conspicuous mug, they dodge colleagues, tiptoe around the boss, and return triumphantly with the elixir of productivity.

It’s all in good fun, of course – just a caffeinated caper to start the day right. In fact, we’re willing to let this one slide.

Office Supply Heist

We’ve all been there – that irresistible urge to hoard office supplies. Those pens, sticky notes, and the ever-elusive ergonomic chair! Businesses are well aware of this phenomenon, and it’s not great for their bottom lines.

But here’s our thinking: With great office supplies comes great responsibility. So if you REALLY need a highlighter, why not ask your supervisor for permission to take one instead of pilfering it when no one is looking? They just might give you the green light — and your conscience will be clear!

Overzealous Desk Decorating  

When it comes to personalizing workspaces, some employees take it to the next level. Forget about the standard office supplies – we’re talking about miniature zen gardens, bobblehead collections, and even a pet rock with googly eyes. The office pranksters among us might even sneak in a whoopee cushion or two, just to keep things lively.

Like many of the items on this list, this one is perfectly acceptable as long as it’s not taken to the extreme. After all, a little desk-based mischief never hurt anyone, right? So go ahead and decorate your space — just don’t create a distraction for your neighbors!

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The Multitasking Maestros 

In the world of business, multitasking is a prized skill. But some individuals take further by juggling tasks that are, let’s say, less work-related. Ever caught someone online shopping while participating in a conference call? It’s the ultimate art of balancing priorities — or perhaps it’s just a clever way to beat the midday slump.

In Summary 

And there you have it, a look at the naughty goings-on at businesses that shake up office life. From snack stashes to inbox escapades, these naughty habits add a touch of mischief to the corporate world. So, the next time you catch a glimpse of your colleague in a superhero cape or witness the mysterious disappearance of office supplies, remember, it’s all part of the grand spectacle of Naughty Business Habits Exposed!

Stay cheeky, stay creative, and keep the workplace shenanigans alive! And if you’re looking for a fun strategy to promote your busines, drop us a line!