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Siri Voice Search Optimization

Siri made her debut in 2010 on the iPhone 4. And since then, the voice assistants’ popularity has steadily risen. According to a Global Web Index study, a growing percentage of internet users use a voice search tool. In North America, about 46 percent had implemented Alexa, Siri, Google Voice or something of the like into their daily lives at the end of 2018.

A significant portion of your audience is no longer just typing their search queries into Google. Instead, they’re interacting with a virtual assistant – and she’s likely accurate, polite and even up for a joke or two. This convenience and personalized experience will change the way people engage with search engines. So, in consideration of your online presence, how do you optimize your content for a voice search?

Siri Voice Search VS Type Search

When conducting a Google search, your audience is likely to type in a short word or phrase. But on voice search, you can anticipate these queries to be longer and more detailed. For example, rather than typing in “plumber” into Google, on voice search, they might say, “I need a plumber to unclog my sink!” These wordier and more-specified searches are what we call long-tail keywords or keyword phrases. And they’re what you’ll want to pay attention to as voice search continues to gain momentum.

In accordance with an increase of long search terms, make sure to optimize the content of your website for these more focused topics. Think about questions people might have or unique services for which they may be looking. Demonstrate how you stand out and consider the problems you could address. And write about it!

Besides a careful optimization of the topics you cover, you’ll want to take note of how people speak as well. Consider one’s vernacular, mannerisms, and sayings. What industry-specific words might be every-day language to you, but foreign to your Google searchers? Make sure your written content is simply put, easily read and defines difficult terms. All the while, it should sound great to keep your readers engaged!

Consider the Growing Use of Voice Assistants.

They are useful, convenient and accessible on our phones, in our cars and even in our homes! So take note of the way they operate and make sure your business is the first that Siri would recommend!