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7 Reasons Why you need to Stop Ignoring your Digital Presence Now

Digital Marketing - Grow Your Business -C7D1. The Success of Your Business Is at Stake

One of the things that we often see here at Creative 7 Designs is the overall success of businesses that are paying attention to their digital marketing. The companies that are not paying attention to this important aspect are not thriving. These even include businesses in our industry. Nearly everyone is searching for what they need online first before they make a purchase decision, whether it is for services or retail items. Let’s put it like this… Where do you search for the things you need or want? You would almost certainly say online. What would suggest that your customers are any different? They aren’t.

Bottom line is they are looking for you online, even if you don’t think they are. If you reach out to us, we can prove it.We are always up for a good challenge!

There is no longer a gap in people that are using traditional methods. So, when you are looking at your business’s future online profile and how you are conducting your digital media, you need to be thinking about how, why and where consumers are searching online. Without having a good Digital Marketing Partner who pays attention to and studies these trends, it is likely you may fall behind. And believe us, you cannot afford to fall behind in this area any longer.

The future of your business is at stake. Because those that are paying attention to all of their Digital Marketing, not just one or two channels, are the ones that are starting to rise above the crowd. Those that are not paying attention are falling off the map, both literally and figuratively.

How important is the success of your business to you?


Creative7design-Competitive-Advantage2. The Growing Divide & Competitive Advantage

If you are not paying attention to your Digital Marketing, you need to start right now. There is a growing divide between those that are paying attention and those that are not. And that divide is significant. When you start to look at how search results come in across the web now, the people that are paying attention are taking up all of the winning spots. Whether it is Paid Advertising, Location Marketing, Social Media or third-party platforms; the success gap is growing. If you see your sales numbers fall off the map, it is likely because you have Neglected Google or your digital presence entirely. It is time to start paying attention and investing in your digital marketing. At some point, the divide is going to get so large that a lot of businesses will not be able to overcome or achieve success online without a significant initial investment.

You may think that you cannot afford Digital Marketing. Our argument is that you cannot afford NOT to invest in digital marketing. In fact, if you are just now getting into the digital marketing game for your business, you are likely already behind your competition. That is a tough reality, but we want to keep things real for you.

What do you think the business marketing landscape will look like in
2 years? 5 years? 10 years? Let us know what you think by dropping
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creative7designs -Customer Perception & First Impressions.3. Customer Perception & First Impressions

We are talking about your current and your future customer perception. If you either do not have a digital presence, you have an outdated website, or if you are not participating in some level of Digital Marketing Activities, your current and potential customers will respond poorly to your business. If you are not paying attention to your digital presence, then you have already created a negative perception and you have fallen behind the times. This has not always been the case, but it is the case now.

Potential customers will go to your website and decide in the first 5 seconds whether or not they will conduct business with you. So, if they are lucky enough to Find your website, (the gateway of your digital presence and not the fullness of it) and see that your site is outdated, incompatible with mobile devices or contains outdated information, they will be likely to not engage with you further.


We also suggest looking at your online reviews which are a critical part of your customer perception. A holistic approach where your messaging and branding is the same across all Digital Platforms always speaks highly to your current and potential customers.

If you took a step back from your business for a moment and took a look at your overall digital picture… How would you judge yourself?

creative7design-Customer-relation4. Customer Relationships & Customer Retention

Those that engage their customers on a regular basis will continue to retain their customers.Those that are not engaging their customers are starting down a path where they could lose their customer’s interest. This is because many others are vying for those customers interests online. They are usually using digital media and marketing to entice others to think about other options to fulfill their retail and service needs. And if you are not paying attention to your digital marketing, you are taking your current customers for granted, and your retention for many of them may be waning.

Digital Social Marketing - creative7designsWhat are you doing to add value to your existing customers by keeping them engaged with whatyou are doing for them, what you’ve done for them, what you can do for them, or what you can continue to do for them on a regular basis? This could be through social media, blogging, education, added value items that you can give to them to keep your customer retention going.

If the only time a customer hears from you is when you are sending them their bill, you’re probably doing something wrong.

Use digital mediums to keep your customers interested in your brand, what you do, how you do it, and remind them that you are there for them.

Ask yourself… What do I do to retain and keep my current customer’s interested in doing business with us? What do I do to entertain and engage those new potential customers?

Creative7design-Reputation5. Personal and Professional Reputation

If you are not paying attention to your digital marketing, your personal and Professional Reputation could be damaged without you even knowing it. The reason for this is perhaps someone has left some bad reviews about you online.

Personal and Professional Reputation

Did you know that Most Popular Business search platforms automatically add your business to their platform? Such as Google, Yelp, Maps, Angie’s List, and countless more. As such the public has an opportunity, without your true consent, to leave their opinion about your business across any number of platforms.

Professional Reputation

Let’s face it and be real for a quick minute folks, we all have had customers that regardless of what we do, they are not going to be happy. But if you are not paying attention to your digital presence, your reputation could be getting destroyed without your knowledge. That alone will kill your business.

Professional Reputation

When it comes to your reputation, you need to be paying attention to ALL of your online reviews. That includes looking at third-party websites like next door and Angie’s List where people have an opportunity to review your service. If you are not paying attention to your digital presence,you can be missing this critical aspect of your reputation; how others perceive you. More often than not, your professional reputation directly ties to your Personal Reputation and Negative Reviews can follow you for years to come regardless of the outcome of your business.

When was the last time you took a close look at the online reviews as it pertains to your business?

Creative7design-Competetion6. Professional Understanding of Your Competition

It is vital that you understand What your competition is doing, how they are winning or losing the digital presence race and how you can beat them. We suggest looking up the top three Competitors in your area and see what they are or are not doing, how they are showing up in the Search Engines, and look for the competition that is succeeding online. For companies that seem to be showing up at the top of every search engine, we recommend trying to figure out how they are getting such great placement. Then, if possible, match it or exceed it. If you are ignoring your digital presence, you will not understand how to get ahead of your competition. Perhaps in your industry, not many people are paying attention to their Digital Marketing, in which case, you have an excellent opportunity to gain a competitive advantage. In the converse, maybe a lot of people in your industry are already paying attention to their digital presence. If that is the case, you have a lot of work to do to catch up and be competitive.

Professional Understanding of Your Competition

There are lots of really great tools out there now that help you understand more, in detail, what your competition is doing, how they are doing it and maybe even how to beat them. You might consider investing in such a Digital Tool and do a little Digital Spy work all on your own. Or get someone to help you with it!

competition in your businessDo you have competition in your business? What are they doing to increase their market share?

Come up with something creative to beat them,even if it is at their own game.

Creative7design-Referral-Marketing7. The Bottom Line

Finally, if you are not paying attention to your Digital Presence, your bottom line is bound to be hurting. It may not be hurting today or tomorrow, but at some point, your Business Sector is going to reach the end, and your bottom line is going to fall, your business will wane, and you will most likely go out of business.

While we recognize the value of Long Track Records and good referral systems, it goes without saying that the future is becoming more and more digital every single day. Especially as older generations pass and new generations rise.

Digital marketing is necessary for our technologically advanced age. It is always a possibility that established clients will move on or their needs may change.

What will your business look like if the only thing changing is your
customers, but never your approach to reach them?

The bottom line is that if you ignore your digital presence your business will suffer. If you have ever wondered where are all the new customers, why are you not growing, where are the new leads, where are the new opportunities; you are most likely overlooking this essential component of running a business. To be successful today, you need to stop ignoring your digital presence. Keep in mind that your company supports your employees, their families, and your family. Not moving forward into the digital age can adversely affect each of them.

changing is your customers


Take control of your digital presence now. You may understand the importance of having a digital presence but that does not mean it is easy to execute effective strategies. Reach out to Creative 7 Designs, Inc or another creative agency partner that you can trust. We recommend
that they start with a marketing analysis of your business and take a real hard look at your digital presence. Please don’t stop there! Take action on the recommendations to be successful online in your digital marketing.

What will things look like if you don’t start
paying attention to your digital presence?


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