Why Paid Advertising is Essential to your business

Why Paid Advertising is Essential to Your Business

Don’t let your business get left in the dust as we quickly approach 2019. Gone are the days where organic marketing alone is enough for a successful digital marketing plan. The internet is saturated with companies, both large and small, attempting to sell their products and services. No matter the industry, every business must confront the necessity of paid advertising in their 2019 marketing plan.

Staying Afloat

Sales heavily rely on a business’s ability to get ahead on a variety of digital platforms. With increasing competition, you can be sure that someone within your industry is willing to pay for digital advertising, and to stay afloat, so should you.

Why It Is Important

It’s not only because of your competitors that you should consider the use of paid advertising. Several other reasons and statistics demonstrate the importance of this marketing tactic, according to RevLocal:

  • The top three paid advertisements on a search engine receive 41 percent of visitor clicks
  • Visitors who click on Pay-Per-Click ads are 50 percent more likely to purchase those who do not
  • Brand awareness increases 80 percent with paid search ads

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Choose Your Platform(s)

There are several platforms on which you can market your company with paid advertisements. Places like Google and Facebook are great options. However, the use and type of platform vary dramatically across industries. Despite which platform seems to be the best option for you, consideration of your business’ marketing future is crucial to your online success.

Find a Marketing Partner

If you are currently paying for advertisements, do not neglect to keep a close eye on your competition’s actions. Be active in your marketing as someone may be willing to spend even more and saturate the market! This challenge makes it essential for your business to use a strategic marketing company to inform you of 1) which platforms in which you should invest and will, therefore, be most beneficial to your particular business and 2) how to have a dynamic marketing strategy that will keep up with the competition.

In short, paid advertisements are no longer an option; they are essential to the success of your business. They will drive your business to the top in a crowded, digitally-fueled business world. After all…not paying for ads is SO 2018. Give us a call for expert advice on effective paid advertising so that you can focus on doing whatever you do best!