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The Marketing Life Cycle Trends

The digital world regularly experiences updates, turnovers, changes, and quickly burnt-out marketing trends. In consideration of the exceptionally short digital marketing life cycle, we advise that you prepare for the inevitable changes to come. And if you still have a MySpace account for marketing, our message is long overdue…seriously, delete it now. 

When you’ve invested in a single method of marketing like Facebook Ads, what are you going to do when this tactic becomes obsolete? Fads like these may be useful now, but will not last in the long-term. We at Creative 7 Designs have been in the marketing business for over 16 years. And with our experience, we’ve come to understand the value of a hands-on and dynamic approach – one that will survive the ebbs and flows of the many digital marketing trends. 

Keeping this in mind, what will your business do next in the wake of these changes? We urge that you work with a marketing partner that does not specialize in one facet of marketing like Facebook Ads. These will one day be overused, saturated and useless to your marketability. Investing in a single approach will be a waste of your marketing dollar and leave you at a dead end.

Contrary to this single tactic approach, we encourage that your marketing takes a step back to assess the larger picture. Your marketing partner cannot invest all of your money into one area of focus. It ought to be strategically dispersed and the approach to be prepared for serious change. Businesses cannot continue to do the same thing for their marketing month after month, year after year. Things will change and will stop working. Perhaps you might consider having us as your marketing partner? Why not check out our marketing services.

Though these trends are difficult to predict, we foresee something like the Facebook Ads fad no longer being of its current marketing value within a year or less. They will no longer be the hot trend for marketing and instead, will be considered a waste of money. We at Creative 7 Designs see hope however in the investment in long-term marketing relationships. If you partner with a marketing group that will consider long-term tactics and a dynamic approach, your business will be prepared for the harsh world of digital marketing. Do not fall for the fads that will come and go but stay relevant and equipped for change. Marketing across multiple channels with well-developed content and digital deployment, with consistency and preparedness, will always succeed.