Creative Cravings in Redlands, CA

Creative Cravings in Redlands, CA

Being creative for one’s job is a lot of hard work! We are here to say that genius does not strike with every project that we have before us. Often we find ourselves stuck trying to wade through the jungle of mediocrity to find something with a spark! Everyone has their process to find their muse. Some people need to move, and some need to sleep. Some people need to interact with others and converse. At Creative 7 Designs, we need to eat. Luckily our office is located in the heart of downtown Redlands and only a quick walk from all of our favorite food spots. Here’s where we go when we need a little creative pick me up.

Taco Shack

Are tacos the best thing that has ever been invented? Yes, yes they are. We love tacos from Taco Shack so much that they make an appearance at every team meeting. You’ll never hear us complain about team meetings because tacos are on the guest list. We like the street tacos with grilled onions. A little bit of salsa and guac makes the whole experience.

Augies Coffee

Coffee is our lifeblood. Many mornings it is not just wanted, it is required for functioning around here. Their new location is even closer to us, so we may even like it better. This is what an Augies Order looks like for us:

Jessica: Honey Cinnamon Latte. It’s creamy, sweet and perfect.

Victoria: Hot Almond Milk Latte or Iced Matcha with Honey. So good!

Joseph: Iced Decaf Americano with a splash of Oatmilk. Yes. We tease him for that order.

Bri: Chai Latte! Because Chai is everything.

Reuben: Basic Iced Coffee. #basic #stillcoffee

Sadly Shane and Andrew can’t join in on the fun because they are in Texas.

A La Minute/Crepes of Wrath

And here is where the break down happens. We love A La Minute! Its creamy treats are perfect for when you have a craving for something sweet. (Tip: change the toppings on your ice cream to make your own flavors. Like honey on vanilla ice cream or caramel on the chocolate lavender- so good!) However, Crepes of Wrath also qualifies for a sweet treat pick me up. Fill your crepes with berries, sweet cream, and lemon, and they are breakfast and dessert at the same time. They also have savory crepes which makes them any meal at any time of the day. (Tip: ask for their salsa with a Savory Crepe, it’s so good.) Regardless of where we end up, we know it’s going to be so delicious and exactly the pick me up our tired brains needed, but getting to the decision can be a challenge.

What do you prefer? Are you more of a sweet or savory person? Where do you go to get your creative juices flowing? Share your favorite Redlands eats with us!