Crushing on Design

Crushing On Design

We all have those people we aspire to be like, the people that inspire and challenge us, who are incredible at what they do and it’s hard not to crush on. These are my people, they are illustrators, designers, typographists, and creatives. They are my design crushes.

Jennet Liaw

Jennet Liaw first caught my eye with her typography, but recently it is her murals that have me making emoji heart eyes. Her work is so detailed and so beautifully presented, it’s hard not to feel inspired by what she is doing. Here are some of my favorites, but go follow her on Instagram and see all the beauty she creates.

Shirlee Fisher

Shirlee Fisher is an illustrator in Redlands and formidable behind a pottery wheel. I love that she designs and creates all her own work, mixing color with lines in a really cool way. These are some of my favorites of her work, but check out everything she does: She’s on Instagram, and you can also find her work at the threshold art gallery in Redlands, CA.

Oliver Jeffers

I love children’s books. I think they are so important for kid’s developing imaginations. Oliver Jeffers is an artist and illustrator that I found after being stunned by how beautiful a children’s book was. He has done Murals, Typography for films, and his paintings can be found in galleries in NYC and London. These are some of my favorites pieces he has done, but follow him on Instagram for more!

Christoph Niemann

Christoph Niemann is an illustrator and animator and if you think you haven’t seen his work, you have. Responsible for many of the New Yorker covers, his work has also been in Wired Magazine and National Geographic. I love how he uses design to tell a story and is willing to do unconventional things. These are some of his designs that I love, but check him out on the gram too!

Paula Scher

Ok. It’s impossible to care about design and not think Paula Scher is remarkable. She revolutionized the world of graphic design and that’s hardly an overstatement. If you care about album art, thank Paula Scher. If you care about Branding, thank Paula Scher. If Typography is your thing, you can thank Paula Scher for that too. She did things differently than anyone ever had and opened up a whole new world of possibility for design. That’s pretty crush-worthy. These are some of her pieces that I love.Who are the designers, artist, creators, etc that you love? Let me know in the comments below and stay tuned for more from the C7D Team!