what exactly is social media integration and why is it important?

What exactly is social media integration, and why is it important? Part 1

When we say social media integration, what we mean is the integration of your social media channels into your website so that it can be used, shared, explored and build relationships with your customers. Integration is key to your success because of public perception and connect-ability; both of which are crucial for businesses in 2018.


The average internet user would expect you to have active social media channels and presence. If you do not have them, your authority and the way people perceive your business will not be positive. People expect companies to have social media and to have it integrated into their website. If you do have them and they are not connected/integrated, you may still be looked upon in a poor light. If someone is looking up your website they are interested in you and in the one arena that they can connect with you, you shut that down before it can begin. Many consumers use various types of social media to communicate with companies. Some may prefer to message you on your facebook page, tweet you or message you through yelp over sending an email. If you are not paying attention, you could lose those valuable leads simply because you have not given them the form of communication they prefer.


How can one incorporate social media into their marketing strategy?
Probably the most critical element is creating a viable plan that works for your business. There is NOT a one size fits all approach to Social Media Integration and marketing. In most cases, it is advisable to hire an expert to at least help formulate the fundamental aspects of the plan. Sometimes the program can be executed in-house, but the main point is to make a plan and follow it. We have found that in most cases, the incorporation of social media and other marketing channels paired with good marketing habits will require a dedicated marketer. This is because consistency is the key to success in marketing. Most businesses have a hard time with that, therefore making their efforts seem sub-par and in the long run may hurt your business. If someone were to get a plan and then want to self-execute said plan, the best way to incorporate that is the creation of good marketing habits of consistency in branding and communication.


Stay tuned for Part 2 where we cover what forms of social media integration have the most impact today! You can also check out our most recent post if you missed it, I talk about how we got started here at C7D.