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How Creative 7 Designs was Started

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away…. Just kidding. I am going to keep this blog to this galaxy. But we did want to give an origins story. The story of how Creative 7 Designs started.

*Cue dream sequence music*

It all began in June 2002…. Sorry. No more cheesy riffs, I promise. I (Joseph) started the company in 2002 but only worked on evenings and weekends until 2004. In those early years I also drove trucks, managed different facilities and for a while was an administrative assistant for an aerospace company. But in 2004 I started freelancing full time. I got all of my jobs off of craigslist. I would have a full day where I would send out hundreds of emails trying to get jobs.

The focus of the company shifted in those years as well. Initially, everything I did was graphic design. But I knew that technology was always going to be a massive part of our society, so I knew that I needed to add web design as well. This model worked for a while, but when you want to grow your company, you can’t do that with a business card project here, a logo there. You need consistent income. That’s when we added the marketing services, and we now have monthly marketing clients, and we do a variety of services for them. In the last six years, I started bringing on staff to help me, incorporated the business and got an office. Starting with Shane (who I never met in person until this last year) to 9 employees, four offices and a partridge in a pear tree.

I think the key to my success has always been to be striving for more. The world of design, web, and marketing is an ever-changing landscape. To succeed, you need to be willing to embrace change. I’ve spent a long time learning this craft and will continue to remain a lifelong learner. I continue to strive to make this company better, to help everyone we can and to glorify my God. I hope this blog gives you a bit of insight into where we have been. I hope to see you as part of our future. It looks pretty bright to me.

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