Favorite Design Trends of 2018 Blog

My Favorite 2018 Design Trends

Hi, my name is Victoria, and I am one of the Designers here at Creative 7 Designs. Besides bringing a client’s vision to life, I love checking out what other designers are doing and what trends are sticking around or emerging in a given year. 2018 is all about being daring and pushing the limits.

Big & Bold

I’m a pretty minimalistic person, but I love the trend of bold typefaces and crazy color combos. There is something fearless and audacious about it that makes me feel immediately intrigued and inspired. Bold Type is a carryover from 2017, and a lot of brands (Spotify, Dropbox, and Subway, to name a few) have been changing up their marketing to nail this bolder-than-ever color trend. It’s one of my faves because it gives so much freedom of expression. Colors and types convey emotion, feeling, direction, and motion. They are powerful tools for those who dare!


Responsive Brands

There was a point in time when the logo was the logo. You always saw it the same way regardless of where it was. In 2018 companies are valuing user-experience over their preserved logo and are quick to mix it up as needed. I love this trend because it gives new life to brands. Instead of being forced into a box of what your “image” is, you can identify the heart of your brand and then have freedom of expression across formats. All while still being 100% true to who you are.



Clean, Clean Lines

It’s isn’t that we’re over Helvetica, it’s just that geometric fonts are finally having their moment in the sun. Geometric fonts use the premise of shapes and monolinear lines to create perfectly balanced, clean letters. You never have a heading that looks too tall or too squat; they’re all perfect. Loving this trend goes back to my minimalistic inclinations. Fonts can get noisy fast, the simplicity and purity of a geometric typeface are like eye candy to this chick.

2018 has so much more to offer as trends and design styles emerge, these are just a few of the things that inspire me and make 2018 an exciting year for creating. If you enjoyed reading this blog, check out some of our other posts. In our upcoming articles, Joseph talks about how Creative 7 Designs got started, and Jessica breaks up our “design talk” to discuss cats. If you have design questions or need work done, jump over to the business side of our website and we’ll help you out. Thanks for reading!