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Those Cool Cats

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Those Cool Cats

I would not describe myself as a cat person. All of my interactions with cats proved what tv shows had been telling for years. Cats were jerks. After a few nasty scratches when all I was trying to do was be NICE, I swore off domesticated cats forever. That is until I discovered the Maine Coon Cat. This breed is freaking HUGE with the males getting up to 20 pounds. They also are described as the dogs of the cat world because they like people, enjoy playing fetch and can be taken out on walks. They also kinda look like a lynx which, in my opinion, is BA. When I shared my fascination with this cat with my coworkers, they thought I was crazy. While none of them would describe themselves as “cat people” (Reuben is the exception, seeing a real potential for that in his future), they all had a specific cat that they would like to own if It came down to it. None of them were interested in the Maine Coon. Of course, I found this fascinating and immediately went to work trying to find out what made each of them choose their dream cat. Here are their selections.

Reuben – British Shorthair
“I like British shorthair because those are the kind of cats that rich people have. You could not have a home, but if you’ve got a Brit, you’re sophisticated and rich.”
When we pointed out that your British Shorthair isn’t going to look very luxurious if you don’t have a home, Reuben said he would be willing to make sure it looked good by washing it in a local Starbucks bathroom. Ok, um… I can see some flaws in his logic, but it seems like he would be willing to go the extra mile for cat care.

Joseph – Tabby Cat
Oh Joseph, no… no one wants this cat. You are wrong.

Bri – No cat, just a panther
“Obviously you can’t own a Panther unless you are rich and live in India or something. But I like that they are wild and ferocious. They are so beautiful but also real killers. But seeing as I can’t have a panther I’d be ok with Sagwa the Siamese cat. It was a cartoon I used to watch growing up on PBS.”
I have to agree with Bri here, no wild KILLER cats please, but if we must own cats- cartoon cats are the way to go.

Victoria – Russian Blue
“The first time I saw a Russian Blue was in the movie ‘Cats and Dogs.’ It was a Russian spy, and I don’t know, I just loved it. I’m also a little obsessed with Russia as a whole, so if I had to get a cat, no questions asked- it would be Russian. I would name him Koshka- which means ‘cat’. Naming an animal what it is seems passive-aggressive but entirely fitting for how felines behave. It’s name being in Russian makes it super cute though.”
So Victoria wants a cat that reminds her of a Russian assassin. Gotcha, good. I work with totally normal people.

All this to say, this blog didn’t have a strong point to make, but I hope that you know us a little bit more. Yeah, we are all somewhat weird and have pretty strange opinions on cats, but we do love to help you with marketing, web and graphic design. We make a strong team that is here to help you find solutions to your marketing needs. As long as those needs have nothing to do with cats, I think we’d all be happy about that.