How often should you redesign your website?

How Often Should You Redesign Your Website?

You probably already know that your website is an essential factor in the success of your company. It is almost always your customers’ first impression of your business- their window into its culture and personality as well as its products and services. In this digital age, having a mobile-friendly, up-to-date, and great-looking website is critical. We’re here as the bearer of bad news- to tell you that it doesn’t stop there.

If you’re reading this, you may already have a great website. But there is always more to be done after its initial launch. Every two to four years, often depending on your industry, your site will require a significant redesign. For example, if you are in retail, you’ll need to make updates every two years. Generally, we advise that your site not exceed three years without making some significant redesigns. Additionally, between these significant changes, you should be making constant updates and improvements for optimized user experience.


Think of outdated architecture, fashion, or entertainment. While hundred-year-old homes are charming, high-waisted mom jeans are back, and everyone loves the occasional John Hughes movie, these are not the way of the future. And this outdating phenomenon is especially applicable to website design. Though retro will always have its place, make sure to aim for modern design- one that is more easily used, search engine optimized and still looking fresh.

The Website Shelflife: 

The online expectations of your clients, customers, and site users involve constant progression. To keep up with their demands, you must maintain the speed of your site, its modern look, and unmatched user-friendliness. And if any of these are lacking, you ought to address them immediately.

These high demands come not just from your site’s visitors. Google and other search engines have just as high expectations. When deciding which sites to feature at the top of their results list, search engines assess a variety of factors. And these reflect the expectations of real-life users! If a search engine can tell that you have a great, well-maintained and easy-to-use website, it’ll feature you first! Otherwise, you ‘ll fall behind several other overlooked websites. Don’t let a poorly maintained site stand in your way of success!

Plan to Redesign: 

This all may seem rather daunting. You have a business to run, employees to manage and a life outside of your work to enjoy! But this aspect is crucial. Without an exceptional online presence, your website could fall through the cracks. So, make sure to budget for this piece of your business and implement changes when necessary.

And if you’d rather focus on what you do best (which is likely something besides web design), leave the design work to us! With over 17 years of experience, we at Creative 7 Designs are marketing, web, and graphic design experts! And we’re in the business of helping others succeed in their businesses. Do not hesitate to reach out for your site’s updates and design needs today!