Remote Work

Working Remote

In September I took a big leap. I moved to Northern California. And for this So Cal native, that was a pretty big move.

A Bit of Background

Along with working as a content creator for C7D, I have also been working in youth ministry for over nine years. It is one of my greatest passions. I was offered a new position at a church outside of Sacramento, and I decided it was worth moving away from all of my friends and family to pursue this dream.

And in making that decision, I also signed myself up to work remotely for C7D. I love writing! And I love our team of creative minds! So the idea of leaving all that behind was too much. So I didn’t!

Working remotely is unlike anything I’ve ever undertaken. Before, I worked a very firm schedule. I knew my hours each day and how often I would stop into our little office in Redlands. I always knew who would be working with me that day and how many blogs I would most likely finish at the end of each shift.

Work Environment

All of that is different now. For one, I don’t have a dedicated writing space. Which means that I’m learning all over again about what is the best environment for me to writing compelling text. I thought I would spend a lot more time in the vast array of coffee shops up here. But I haven’t! In fact, one of the most productive places I have found is on my couch. I bought a lap desk and sit and write next to my roommate’s Great Dane. (Her name is Coconut, and she’s perfect and ginormous)

My hours are irregular. In fact, you can usually find me writing first thing in the morning after I wake up, or very late at night. If I need to have a meeting with a coworker, we are usually having to schedule a real sit down meeting instead of just heading over to that person’s desk.


What has remained the same is that I need quiet to write. Luckily, my roommate is by far the most patient person in the world (Her name is Patsy, and she is easily one of the kindest and most generous persons I have ever met #jackpot) I’m still listening to my music to drown out other noises and to get my thinking juices going.

And while I am still working out a few of the kinks in my process, I do want to ask you a few questions. Do any of you work remotely? What has been a key to your success? Are there any coffee shops near Sacramento with some comfy chairs? #iwontwriteonastoolforthreehours

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