Social Marketing

Do People Still Do Social Marketing?

Overview: Does social marketing still exist? Yes, and you can learn how integrating it with business might be beneficial

What is social marketing, and do people still do it with limited budgets or resources? We all want to make a change in the world (we know the fear of oblivion somehow frightens each one of us to the core even if we don’t say it). And it starts so innocently. We’re watching a TV ad a bear pops up on the screen, telling us to help prevent wildfires. We’re passing a billboard with a young child, and we’re asked to donate to add to the funds of the cancer hospital. Or we’re scrolling through Facebook and come across a post where two people have joined hands – both different in complexion — sending the message to end racism.

No matter where we are, it seems like these types of marketing campaigns simply can’t be avoided. You’ll likely encountered at least one of them in your life… maybe even within the last few weeks! What are the perks of social marketing and can your business benefit from this emotional-based type of marketing.

What is Social Marketing?  

To put it simply, the combined ideas of social sciences and marketing have given birth to the social marketing that we know today. This approach helps bring changes to people and their behaviors. It brings harmony for the benefit of society or humanity as a whole. But social marketing isn’t to benefit a brand and/or product; it’s mainly used to create a social change by using traditional marketing tactics to raise awareness to change those unconscious habits that hurt a cause/human.

Social Marketing Doesn’t Sell a Product, so What Does it Market? 

Social marketing sells a behavior to benefit society to create desired changes. To aid the public is the prime focus – and instead of competing with products in traditional marketing, social marketing competes against the unhealthy habits and rigid thoughts process, behaviors, and actions.

Are There Advantages of Social Marketing? 

While the definition of social marketing suggests otherwise, it’s everything but charity-based work. Social marketing paves the way for competitive advantages for companies. When advertised well, this type of marketing has the ability to capture attention – mainly through creativity and emotions, 

When you advertise the concerned field effectively, consumers prefer to buy responsible products, both ethically and socially. When the trends grow in popularity with the campaigns about social or environmental issues, so does the sales boost. 

Example of Successful Social Marketing Efforts: 

Now, let’s take a look at the successful social marketing campaigns that haven’t only portrayed a major cause but also boosted their sales to the heights.

Plastic Bags Kill: 

Designed by BBDO Malaysia, this campaign has enticing imagery right off the bat – a message with a struggling turtle. This campaign aims to eliminate disposable plastic bags and focus on reusable ones.

The image on the message is so disturbing – actually making people think how ingrained habits of humans may hurt marine life. After seeing the picture, a significant change has been noticed in the use of disposable plastic bags. People think twice the next time and are more inclined to use reusable bags.

Read more about Plastic Bags: The environment’s deadly predators 

See, How Easy Feeding the Hungry Can Be? :

Designed by Feed SA, this campaign raises awareness about how passive and ignorant we as humans could be towards the problems outside of our own world.

Feed SA stands for providing food to unprivileged families in South Africa. With that being said, their marketing tactics deserved to be applauded. The images of children holding out their hands in the shopping cart and begging for food strike nowhere but directly the human emotions.

The seats of carts are displayed. See how easy feeding the hungry can be? Not to go too far, the stores where these promotions are placed have a charity bin to drop dedicated funds to be given to the ones in need.

Such creative campaigns tug at emotions (we’re still in awe). And one reason we feel like this campaign is such a huge success is because of the voice it has. When you read the statement, you feel like they’re talking to you and engaging you in the conversation. Such striking features of oneness leave remarkable impact on a donor.   

So how does it benefit the brand? The campaign itself was pretty inexpensive. “For the cost of a few decals,” Feed SA states, “a marked increase in the donation and a significant boost in website traffic is experienced.”

Save Paper, Save the Planet:

Formed by the World Wildlife Fund, this promotion contains a paper towel dispenser with an enticing image of South America, the home of the Amazon Rain forest. With the paper towels coming out of the dispenser, the picture becomes less green, reflecting the correlation between deforestation and paper use. Cutting down on what you throw away, choosing sustainably, and using less paper ensure our fair share of the earth’s resources.  

How to Use Social Marketing to Your Benefit:  

The Nonprofit source claims that American charities received $410 billion in 2017, with a yearly average of $481 per person. And when you’re using the 4Ps of social marketing wisely, you’re already on the right track.

The first P stands for Product:
The actual social cause you’re marketing.

The second P stands for Price:
The price isn’t monetary… Your best investment is the psychological and emotional costs people incur.

The third P is Place:
Understanding where your audience will perform the best action – for instance, if you aim to drive food bank, try campaigns at grocery stores and place donation bins/boxes.

The fourth P is Promotion:
This P ties all Ps together – search for channels and outlets that draw the attention of the targeted audience to the campaign.

Depending on your social marketing cause, you’ll know where your audience lies the best – billboards? TV ads? Social media or public events?

With mutual integration of these factors, you’ll be able to make sales as the users will click onto the link to offer donation. People are poised to make a difference and open their wallets where they find a genuine cause. The social marketers take complete advantage by illuminating with the worthy causes.  

In Summary: The Neurotic system of humans focuses on capturing the visuals and saving it into slots where it takes loops when required, and social marketing boosts business since it targets the audience’s emotions and helps eliminate the obstacles that users find while opening their wallets.