Networking 101: Importance, Events to Attend Summer, and more

Overview: Summer opens a gateway for many networking events, so let’s find out the significance of summer networking

Making connections with professionals in the relevant field is essential to growing your business, and the first step to interacting with people is to attend networking events near you.

Although we have quite some experience in marketing, we believe there is always a room for improvement. Knowing people from the same professional background and industry can help with job referrals, expanded exposure, and other opportunities.

Importance of Networking:

Attending networking events may sound scary even for the most outgoing person, but they’re extremely rewarding and fun. If you’re a student looking to embark on a professional career in a decided field, networking events will be the threshold for narrowing down the exact jobs you should apply for.

Networking events provide a stage or platform for the newbies/graduates to talk to potential employers. For the professionals, meeting with like-minded people sparks inspiration and builds beneficial connections long-term.

Networking events also aim to connect people with more people, encouraging fruitful conversations/discussions strong connection-building with potential recruiters.

The more people you get around with, the more likely you will meet someone potentially efficient to help your career increase. And if there’s a particular agency you aspire to work with, having a conversation with any of their employees may give you an edge.

In a nutshell, networking events are an excellent source of:

  • Practicing interview/conversation tactics.
  • Meeting with like-minded people – aspiration and inspiration boost.
  • Breaking the stereotypes.
  • You may land your dream job.
  • You’ll have a chance to ask questions you could never ask in the classroom.

Summer — Ideal for Attending Network Events:

Networking doesn’t have to be boring – When it’s beautiful and sunny outside, everyone wants to hang out. Offer to meet for iced latte or organize a lunch in a cozy outdoor cafe. a big Yes to the summer rooftop barbecues, gulf outings, and we can already hear the Piña Colada   glasses clanging. 

  • People love to hear stories, and when you talk with them in a lighter mode, you’ll build a strong chemistry with them which will lead to a fruitful outcome.
  • Food bonds people together and everyone wants a good reason to socialize. Send good invite cards drawn from Canva.
  • Since networking is all about building relationships and bonding with people over a cup of coffee, the best way to build a new relationship or strengthen an existing one is to discuss personal points of interest.]

How to Prepare for Networking Events:

Since networking events incorporate influential and professional mentors and offer opportunities to the learners to build connections and reinforce others – preparing your own networking events can be overwhelming. While for some individuals, events may feel imposing or foreboding. However, some homework will alleviate these concerns.

Prepare Your Welcome Speech:

One of the primary tasks prior to the networking events is a three-to-five minute elevator/welcome speech about the projects you’re working on. Welcome your guests and share why this event is held for.

Update Online Networking Accounts:

Before organizing an event, update your online social networking accounts with your project-based professional details – mainly on LinkedIn. Similar to Facebook, LinkedIn is the marketplace for people to share their accomplishments, volunteer work, personal or professional growth, and other essential updates.

Pen Down the Speaker’s List:

Now that you’re done with the early preps of a networking event, it’s time to draw your focus on the list of speakers. Identify those you want to meet and are genuine to speak up with valuable information that listeners can take notes of.

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Tips to Host Your Own Summer Networking Event:

Learning the basics of networking makes it easier to prepare for launching/organizing your event, and creating valuable connections. Whether hosting a seminar or a webinar, these tips will increase your confidence.

Pick a Venue with Enough Space:

If you’ve a big backyard with enough space to accommodate guests – well and good. If not, be mindful of the venue you’re picking. You don’t want your guests to feel suffocated in the summer. A bright room and airy atmosphere will add stars to the event.

Plan Ahead of Time:

So this is the most important factor – planning ahead of time, at least 8 weeks in advance. With this strategy, you’ll have a chance to add more ideas should you come across them.

Set Up a Welcoming Interior:

When you go somewhere, you expect the hosts to welcome you with a soft smile and friendly manner – the same as your guests expect. Don’t go with a long table, chairs, and strict dress code to watch a presentation. Networking events are everything but your office meeting.

Send Invites:

While there are many ways to send invites in the digitized world, we like to send email cards that people can add to their calendars. For invites, consider using registration apps.

Offer Snacks and Beverages:

As mentioned earlier, food bonds people together. Arrange a table with beautiful crockery on one side and food items on the other. Although it’ll be an excellent idea to hire a serving service, if it gets out of your budget, skip it and let the guests reach to the food items and arrange their plates.

Refrain from Public Speaking:

Okay, we know that you’ve hosted this event, but this doesn’t have to be about you only. Give a welcoming speech after all the guests arrive and leave a room for people to converse with each other. Speeches defeat the event’s purpose.

Recruit a Team of Connectors:

If there’s one person who is shy to talk publicly, the team of connectors will be a blessing. They know how to interact with people who are introverts and not easy to go around with.

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In Summary:

To sum it up, we find that networking events are a great source for connecting people from the same industry. Moreover, it gives space to fresh graduates looking for opportunities to expand their exposure. Whether you’re an expert who already has connections, or a budding entrepreneur, such events will leave a mark in your life and will help you build strong relationships for a long period of time in both personal and professional lives.