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Advice for Someone Thinking of Starting their Own Business

When Creative 7 Designs was getting its feet off of the ground, I knew that I needed some input. Someone who had run a business successfully and could help me in the areas that I was in need of guidance. Along comes Mark Brownton. Mark is an all-around great guy. He has a great love of his family, his dogs, helping his community and flying his drone aircraft. He also is the owner of SoCal Mulch. He has been instrumental in the growth of the company. In the last three years I have had the opportunity to implement that advice that he has given me, and in those years we have seen the most significant amount of growth.

I’m New Here

There was one piece of advice that he gave that stuck with me. He told me that I needed to charge for every single service that I did. When Creative 7 was first getting started, it seemed like I was always throwing in extra services so that our customers would have a good experience with us. I wanted repeat business, and I thought that helping them with a few extra things on top of what they were paying us would be the best way to do that. But in reality, it was hurting me. Mark pointed out that when people don’t pay for a service, they don’t know that it has value. So I changed my business model. Mark eventually came to the point where he wished that he never gave me this advice! But he as well as countless others have seen that we produce quality products and have seen the value of what we do.

Balance Cost & Value

I am always trying to strike the best balance between cost and value. But I also know that we consistently deliver top quality website design, graphic design, and marketing. The best advice I can give you is the advice Mark gave me: know the value of your work and don’t undermine it to be nice. I’d love the opportunity to talk to you about how we can help your company reach its goals like Mark helped me achieve mine. Reach out to me today and let’s chat about how C7D can help you.