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YIKES! Our Yelp Reviews Have Disappeared And Why We Don’t Care

Cue “Don’t You Forget About Me” with Jud Nelson walking into the distance, his fist in the air and back to the school, and you’ll get an idea of our response to the recent actions of Yelp abusing businesses of all types and sizes.

We’re taking a lesson from The Breakfast Club and rebelling against this bully of a review platform! We think you should too.

Where do you go for accurate reviews and insight of the best businesses in town? Yelp, Google, Facebook? Yelp is well-established and commonly used for making decisions for both consumers and businesses. For so long, it has served as our neighborhood foodie, businessman, auto expert, and socialite. However, it is clear that they are no longer deserving of your good faith, your business’s concern, let alone your business’s marketing dollar.

We have been alarmed (but not surprised) when all the sudden a significant amount of our “recommended” reviews on our Yelp page began to vanish and saw the same for most of our marketing client’s Yelp accounts. Thus we did what any reasonable company would do, and we resorted to calling Yelp a few weeks ago. We have all had this conversation with Yelp right? We don’t think we even need tell you how the conversation went.

Tell us your Yelp story in the comments below.

Over the past six weeks or so, Yelp’s removal of our customers’ reviews was becoming an even more frustrating trend for us and many of our clients. As of the writing of this post, we have lost all but one of our reviews on our Yelp page, and we have seen most of our clients lose upwards of 80% of their reviews. When we called, once again, to inquire about the unfortunate loss, they gave us the same old story. We do expect to be at zero reviews by the end of the year, and we don’t care anymoreYelp’s so-called unbiased, yet all-knowing algorithm is supposedly responsible for the review massacre. Rather than presenting Yelp-users with a collection of reviews, stories, assessments, and suggestions from everyone who took the time to leave their comment, they leave it up to their formulation to decide what potential customers get to read…and not read. The rate at which our reviews have disappeared suggests that they have started an all-out war with your business and ours. We wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve had a similar experience.

32 reviews for Creative 7 Designs that are not currently recommended

Fortunately, though, those reviews are not gone forever. They’re just “not recommended” as Yelp calls them and hidden away from a business’s main profile. In fact, here is a link to our awesome (long) list of “not recommended” reviews from many of our incredible clients. Check out what an excellent company we are :D…Though the reviews still exist, they are not easily accessible and will likely be overlooked by anyone just scrolling by. We suggest that you too post a link to your “not recommended” Yelp reviews on another platform to inform potential customers of your well-reviewed business.

For those of you who work business-to-business, we believe that you can generally disregard Yelp’s nuisance. Any other business owner has likely encountered this review issue and will understand the Yelp frustration we all share, meeting a lack of Yelp reviews with sympathy. Here at Creative 7 Designs, this is why we’ve embraced an apathetic approach to the issue. Yelp…. POUND SAND! – Yours Truly at C7D.

Unfortunately, for those of you who work business to the consumer for the most part still need to take concern for Yelp, as many of your customers may not realize the platform’s wrongdoings. Yes, you might need to succumb to their algorithm and perhaps pay for their services. However, we imagine that this reality will not last and that’s good news for any business…and any consumer!

Review Platform LogosPlatforms like Google My Business and Facebook – or platforms specific to your industry – are far more useful for any company’s review marketing strategy. These display all customer comments, as to form a collection of unbiased, and trustworthy reviews. And while some may be fake, at least they all show. Such accuracy has significantly benefitted the popularity of Google My Business and other platforms, making it essential that your business is present on these platforms. Additionally, we do not anticipate a decrease in the rate of their growing popularity, especially as it pertains to Google My Business. Even for those of you who must rely on Yelp, for now, you can hope for a future wherein some of these other platforms will replace Yelp in the digital review scheme of things.

So if you’re like us, and just tired of watching Yelp reviews vanish with every complaint, it’s time to embrace the rebellious teenager inside of you! 

Here are things you can do to help us #boycottyelp and let them know you’re too cool to put up with this nonsense anymore:

Consider posting a link to your “not recommended reviews” on your other digital media platforms and website and promote those.Stop paying Yelp for advertising you are better off investing in more popular platforms that are more likely to accumulate business and more accurately represent your business. Focus on getting reviews on Google, Facebook or other industry-specific websites as they pertain to your business. Reach out to your favorite marketing agency and come up with some new marketing ideas that don’t include Yelp.Delete your Yelp page – Oh wait you can’t! They can post up your business on their site without your permission, and you can’t get it removed. No way, now howShare this article and hash it out with: #boycottyelp Call Yelp today or go online and cancel your paid ads on their platform Disclaimer: This piece is an opinion piece of Creative 7 Designs and is in no way meant to represent how yelp or related platforms may actually work. This article is intended to be both satire and conjecture based on our experience and the experience of our clients.