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YIKES! Our Yelp Reviews Have Disappeared And Why We Don’t Care

Cue “Don’t You Forget About Me” with Jud Nelson walking into the distance, his fist in the air and back to the school, and you’ll get an idea of our response to the recent actions of Yelp abusing businesses of all types and sizes.

We’re taking a lesson from The Breakfast Club and rebelling against this bully of a review platform! We think you should too.

Where do you go for accurate reviews and insight of the best businesses in town? Yelp, Google, Facebook? Yelp is well-established and commonly used for making decisions for both consumers and businesses. For so long, it has served as our neighborhood foodie, businessman, auto expert, and socialite. However, it is clear that they are no longer deserving of your good faith, your business’s concern, let alone your business’s marketing dollar.

"Not Recommended" Reviews
"Recommended" Review

We have been alarmed (but not surprised) when all the sudden a significant amount of our “recommended” reviews on our Yelp page began to vanish and saw the same for most of our marketing client’s Yelp accounts. Thus we did what any reasonable company would do, and we resorted to calling Yelp a few weeks ago. We have all had this conversation with Yelp right? We don’t think we even need tell you how the conversation went.

Tell us your Yelp story in the comments below.

Over the past six weeks or so, Yelp’s removal of our customers’ reviews was becoming an even more frustrating trend for us and many of our clients. As of the writing of this post, we have lost all but one of our reviews on our Yelp page, and we have seen most of our clients lose upwards of 80% of their reviews. When we called, once again, to inquire about the unfortunate loss, they gave us the same old story. We do expect to be at zero reviews by the end of the year, and we don’t care anymore

Yelp’s so-called unbiased, yet all-knowing algorithm is supposedly responsible for the review massacre. Rather than presenting Yelp-users with a collection of reviews, stories, assessments, and suggestions from everyone who took the time to leave their comment, they leave it up to their formulation to decide what potential customers get to read…and not read. The rate at which our reviews have disappeared suggests that they have started an all-out war with your business and ours. We wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve had a similar experience.

32 reviews for Creative 7 Designs that are not currently recommended

Fortunately, though, those reviews are not gone forever. They’re just “not recommended” as Yelp calls them and hidden away from a business’s main profile. In fact, here is a link to our awesome (long) list of “not recommended” reviews from many of our incredible clients. Check out what an excellent company we are :D…

Though the reviews still exist, they are not easily accessible and will likely be overlooked by anyone just scrolling by. We suggest that you too post a link to your “not recommended” Yelp reviews on another platform to inform potential customers of your well-reviewed business.

For those of you who work business-to-business, we believe that you can generally disregard Yelp’s nuisance. Any other business owner has likely encountered this review issue and will understand the Yelp frustration we all share, meeting a lack of Yelp reviews with sympathy. Here at Creative 7 Designs, this is why we’ve embraced an apathetic approach to the issue. Yelp…. POUND SAND! – Yours Truly at C7D.


Unfortunately, for those of you who work business to the consumer for the most part still need to take concern for Yelp, as many of your customers may not realize the platform’s wrongdoings. Yes, you might need to succumb to their algorithm and perhaps pay for their services. However, we imagine that this reality will not last and that’s good news for any business…and any consumer!

Review Platform LogosPlatforms like Google My Business and Facebook – or platforms specific to your industry – are far more useful for any company’s review marketing strategy. These display all customer comments, as to form a collection of unbiased, and trustworthy reviews. And while some may be fake, at least they all show. Such accuracy has significantly benefitted the popularity of Google My Business and other platforms, making it essential that your business is present on these platforms. Additionally, we do not anticipate a decrease in the rate of their growing popularity, especially as it pertains to Google My Business. Even for those of you who must rely on Yelp, for now, you can hope for a future wherein some of these other platforms will replace Yelp in the digital review scheme of things.

So if you’re like us, and just tired of watching Yelp reviews vanish with every complaint, it’s time to embrace the rebellious teenager inside of you! 

Here are things you can do to help us #boycottyelp and let them know you’re too cool to put up with this nonsense anymore:

  • Consider posting a link to your “not recommended reviews” on your other digital media platforms and website and promote those.
  • Stop paying Yelp for advertising you are better off investing in more popular platforms that are more likely to accumulate business and more accurately represent your business.
  • Focus on getting reviews on Google, Facebook or other industry-specific websites as they pertain to your business.
  • Reach out to your favorite marketing agency and come up with some new marketing ideas that don’t include Yelp.
  • Delete your Yelp page – Oh wait you can’t! They can post up your business on their site without your permission, and you can’t get it removed. No way, now how
  • Share this article and hash it out with: #boycottyelp
  • Call Yelp today or go online and cancel your paid ads on their platform
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Disclaimer: This piece is an opinion piece of Creative 7 Designs and is in no way meant to represent how yelp or related platforms may actually work. This article is intended to be both satire and conjecture based on our experience and the experience of our clients.

Google Plus is Shutting Down - Time to change those links!
Google Plus Is Shutting Down – Time To Change Those Links!
Google My Business: Share, Connect, Manage, Understand
Google My Business

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  • We’ve went from 233 reviews down to 129 today. This has all transpired over the last month and a half. Happening to hundreds, if not thousands of businesses. No end in site. Only speculation as to why at this point. A little odd though that their stock tanked in early November. Then this mass filter occurs? Interesting to say the least.

    • This is happening almost across the board and your right there is no method at all. We have clients in same industries using same methods some of them have lost almost all their reviews others have lost only a few (very small segment).its maddening.

  • Hello,

    I am here to share this video with everyone which is reported by CBS News today about Yelp and its recent weird behavior. The good news is that we are being given an opportunity to publicize all of it by means of email to CBS News or hashtag on Twitter. The News piece is priceless. Please watch and act. View the instructions at minute 4:19.


    If you want your voice to be heard, go to Twitter and hashtag #2onyourside or you can send an email to 2onyourside@cbs.com. View the instructions at minute 4:19.

    This is how you can publicize what Yelp has done and is doing to our businesses.

  • I’ve lost over 70% of my recommended reviews in one business and 44% in another.
    I saw this start around October and immediately knew what they were doing.
    Yelp is a joke. They think they’re providing a trustworthy or legitimate service but really… they can’t be considered a legitimate business when the one thing it’s missing is a fair un-flawed algorithm. Not to mention there are no checks and balances in place when someone leaves a crappy review and hasn’t even experienced your service.
    Yup… they can pound sand.

    • Yes, we also saw this across all our client accounts as well starting at the same time. In fact, Yelp has removed 100% of our reviews. We saw clients lose 50-90% of their own reviews. Glad you are on the same page. We just really need to make consumers aware and convince business to stop paying them. We have been able to talk to all our marketing clients about this and we have shifted all their funds away from yelp now. So we are doing our part as much as we can.

      • Did you also see that Yelps stock has tanked?

        • Yeah, something fishy going on over there, it skyrocketed right before the change then the change hit started to take effect then it tanked. So even their stock and what’s going on with it smells of lies, deceit and rigging.

  • They removed everyone of my reviews. After being the #1 rated business in my industry for 2 consecutive years I am now ranked #45 with zero recommend reviews. I feel there should be a class action lawsuit against them.

    • We were super glad when we got down to zero, but then they recently stuck one back up. Very annoying. The unfortunate thing is businesses have been trying to sue them class action for year and years to no avail. They are going to get theirs, we think enough people are onto it now that perhaps we can win. The key is tell consumers what they are doing to your business, so they can withdraw their use of Yelp. If all consumers know they may go away from it.

  • Just realized what is going on with our yelp reviews. 17 out of 30 reviews being held for ransom. All legit rave reviews. And showing any troll reviews on top. We get 3 stars when it should be 4.5. What a sham. How is this a billion dollar company ? Constantly harassing phone calls from them. Who is paying them ? Not us, never. Courts keep judging in their favor ? What a corrupt system. Blatantly manipulatiing & harassing businesses. Most consumers would have no idea how the review system is rigged. As a site manager for a local business I didnt even come to find out without investigating much into what the heck was going on with our reviews. Fortunately we have most of our reviews on google. These review sites have us all by the balls, but at least google so far has been great and doesnt hold your reviews for ransom. Thanks for this post. We need to get the word out so yelp comes down. Will check out the above comment with links to cbs news.

    • We have pulled all our marketing clients and clients out of yelp as we have explained what they have been and are doing. We are putting their marketing dollars elsewhere. The key to this like you said is letting our customers and client know about what yelp is doing and has done. They truly are the billion dollar bully. We have always wondered how they have avoided getting slammed in court, but they always manage to get out of it. They will eventually go down, and we hope sooner rather than later. Like you said above focus on getting reviews on other sites like google, etc. Thanks for posting, please share it if you like.

  • Kaylie Milliken
    May 15, 2019 4:36 am

    I love your #boycottyelp campaign! “Billion Dollar Bully” is an investigative documentary that examines Yelp’s business practices and their methods of manipulation. I hope it makes a difference!


    May 26, 2019 6:29 am

    I lost 16 5 Star Reviews in 2018 so one day I decided to see by paying for advertising would help as an experiment, well with in a week I seen them move from not recommended to the main page, so I cancelled my advertising a week after it started. Now those reviews were moved back to not recommended. Total scam as I thought

  • Frank saverino
    June 3, 2019 8:12 pm

    Pretty much in the same boat told Yelp in October to take me off the call list all of a sudden 24 five star reviews dropped not much I can do about it but hope they go Wonder someday soon hopefully in the next several months I’m going to start telling my clients to leave me a one-star review and make it awesome see what Yelp has to say about that I figured that restaurant did it in San Francisco I might as well do it too maybe if enough people do it nobody will know what to believe on Yelp anymore oh yeah fuck you

  • By far the most ironic customer service company I’ve ever experienced. I started my yelp page organically 10 years ago worked feverishly to get five star reviews I was close to 105 star reviews when they started putting my five star reviews on the back page saying it was nonrecommended . I would call them upset trying to find out why the only answer they had was this is how our algorithm works like we are so stupid not to know that the algorithm is no more than a computer program that takes a couple he stops so basically they’re saying we don’t care this is how I was setting it up. Then was bombarded by sales people to do advertising with them I would only laugh and tell them when you get my five star reviews off the back page of advertisement. I finally got this gal that told me if you do adds up we will be able to move them to the front page isn’t that blackmail? Well I started doing ads him know though the reviews never removed from the back page to the front then they started billing me for 90% of clicks that didn’t have to do with my business I just got off the phone with one of their gentleman customer service in the billing department said there’s nothing wrong with this company we will not change anything. I was flabbergasted to hear each customer service person say the same thing I don’t care there’s nothing we can do it’s the algorithm if you don’t like it you don’t have to do business with us unbelievable absolutely absurd I just don’t know what other words to use for these people anyways so they stole $6000 for ads that work being clear about my business other peoples business I have pictures of anybody would like to see when it comes to yelp don’t even use Use another free site


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