Q&A with Isaac

Michael Jackson - Remember The Time. I love 90s music!

Coffee with heavy cream 🙂

Calming color, reminds me of spring

A baby duck

Bill Gates

Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Time Travel, I think its one of the most useful super powers.

My name means, He laughs. And yes I like to laugh xD

My morning work out, coffee, and life goals.

Not being able to reach my goals.

Memoirs of Isaac Galvan

Green, it looks like a calm color.

Explore more of Mexico, visit Japan, and visit Europe.

Ms. Sorrell, last day of school she bought me snacks.

Business Owner.

Chill, motivated, and positive

I would go to the past, because I love history.

I would like to be remember as a person who was determined, positive, happy, and over all good person.

My random pass time is learning Japanese, so I can watch anime without subtitles. xD

I help create websites for businesses.